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How to Run a Good Workshop

By Berkun | January 28, 2013

Workshops are hopeful things. They’re sold on so much promise, but that promise is often dashed as students discover their expert instructor is far from an expert at teaching them how to learn anything. For years I was a workshop guy: I taught them, I studied them, I even hired people to do them for…

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Should the web be allowed in class?

By Berkun | April 16, 2010

There’s a fantastic discussion on metafilter about whether college students should be able to use the web during class time. The original question by quodlibet was this: How do I keep my students off the internet during lecture? Today, in the class I TA – I had about 5 students on facebook, another 2 texting,…

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How to visually capture a talk or presentation

By Berkun | March 4, 2009

One of my favorite things at Adaptive Path’s MX event this week was how they had designers assigned to make large drawings based on the current talk, as the talk was happening. It was real time art/design/creation – super cool. Here’s Teresa Brazen’s drawing of my talk, Why designers fail: The cool thing is that…

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The mystery of the front row

By Berkun | September 27, 2005

Wherever lectures happen, regardless of the size of the venue, most of the front row will be empty. Even when the lecture hall is standing room only (should we be so lucky), many of the seats up front will be vacant. In this photo you can see people standing, looking for seats, but not venturing…

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