Did you present at an event? Congrats. We can help you!

You've already put in the hours of hard work to speak at a professional event. Was it recorded? Then why not maximize the return on your investment? Right now you can easily get the essential expert feedback you need to grow and improve. 

Use your your video to instantly improve

All you need to do is submit a link to your video. Then in a few days you'll receive a detailed report that covers:

  • The clarity, style and quality of your message
  • Your style and good/bad habits
  • Approaches to improve and refine your abilities
  • Commentary on your structure and narrative flow
  • Suggestions on narrative frameworks, storytelling technique, slide design and more
  • Immediate changes you can make to improve the next time you give the same talk
  • Exercises and insights that will benefit all future talks you perform

Don't have a recording?
Make One!

Any video of you presenting will work. Just use any webcam, or mobile phone that records audio and video.

We can't judge your audience interaction (unless you arrange for one, or include your cat) but that can be just fine.

Let's Get started

Our video review service starts at $299. You provide the video, we create a detailed report (in 3-5 days), including style and substance critiques, recommendations, and exercises for how to improve. Expedited service (48 hours) also available.