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Why do people make bad slides?

By Berkun | September 30, 2009

For years experts in psychology, design and even technology have decried Powerpoint and its many evils.  Every few months another blog post, or presenter, explains in detailed outrage why the a presentation they saw was a a horror show of bulleted lists, overwrought diagrams and ancient templates (including this recent story NSA/Prism story). So why…

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The paradoxes of lectures

By Berkun | May 13, 2009

One of the themes I explored in Confessions of A Public Speaker are paradoxes around lectures. Here’s my list of strange observations: Many people hate lectures but attend anyway.  The word ‘lecture’ is often used as a criticism, as in ‘don’t lecture me’.  Communication that only flows in one direction has never been much fun (and…

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