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Why I Loved Webstock & What Organizers Can Learn

By Berkun | February 21, 2014

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking for a second time at Webstock in Wellington, New Zealand. Natasha Lampard, Mike Brown and all the organizers exemplify many great things organizers hope to achieve. They run an amazing event and I was inspired to share what I thought they did so well. Like great design, a…

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Philosophy: Everything you need, in 5 minutes

By Berkun | April 14, 2010

I’d always wanted to do a talk about my curious path through the world of philosophy. I’ve studied philosophy my whole life, trying very hard to undo the bad lessons I was taught while getting a degree in the Philosophy Department in college. Thanks to Ignite Seattle I got my chance. So here’s Everything You…

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Next book is first draft complete!

By Berkun | June 4, 2009

The first draft of my next book, about an insider’s view of public speaking, is done! Yay for me. If you haven’t checked out speakerconfessions.com, you should. There’s some good material there and it gives a flavor for the questions I’m asking and answering in the book. Spread the word if you can. I’ll be…

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(Seattle) Presentation Camp – Tommorow!

By Berkun | April 3, 2009

Last call for presentation camp – a brand new unconference event for people interested in pitching, presenting and public speaking. Presentation Camp At UW communications building (map) Saturday April 4th 2009, 9am-4:30pm (Full schedule here) It’s $15 if you register by noon today, $20 later today or at the door. I’ll be doing a keynote…

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(Seattle) Presentation camp schedule up!

By Berkun | March 25, 2009

Saturday April 4th Kathy Gill and I are running the first ever Seattle presentation camp, an unconference for people interested in all forms of public speaking, presenting, and pitching ideas. We’ve posted the core  schedule with some of the sessions that we know will take place, as well as plenty of slots for unconference style…

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Big news: on CNBC next Monday (updated)

By Berkun | May 29, 2008

Last year CNBC put together a 5 hour series on the business of innovation. They’re doing it again this year and I’ll be one of the expert panelists on the show. The website for this year’s series is up, and the first episode airs Monday June 2nd, 9pm. Each new episode will air every following…

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Lessons learned: radio interview

By Berkun | May 26, 2005

Ok – here’s my notes from my first radio interview experience. I was on air for about 15 minutes on the 5/22/2005 Business of Success radio show. Calm down. If you listen carefully to people that speak well on air, they speak slooowly. They hit all the syllables. And more importantly, they sound calm or…

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