(Seattle) Presentation camp schedule up!

Saturday April 4th Kathy Gill and I are running the first ever Seattle presentation camp, an unconference for people interested in all forms of public speaking, presenting, and pitching ideas.

We’ve posted the core  schedule with some of the sessions that we know will take place, as well as plenty of slots for unconference style sessions (you, as an a attendee, can suggest or run a session yourself).

Presentation Camp Schedule – Sat April 4th

Session include Ignite’s Brady Forest talking about how to speak at major conferences, I’ll be speaking on skills I learned from being on national TV as well as how to get over fears of public speaking, Kathy Gill from UW will be talking about Presentation Zen and Slideshare, and plenty more good stuff.

Registration is just $10, enough to cover the basic costs for the cool rooms we’ve got at the UW for the event.

It’s a new event so we’re open to ideas, volunteers and other contributions.  Get in touch with Kathy or I.

Hope to see you there – and help spread the word if you can.  Facebook event and Upcomming event pages are up.