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Lessons from 50+ books on public speaking

By Berkun | July 8, 2009

My book Confessions of a Public Speaker is published and doing well – but to write it well I did much research. Here’s what I learned from reading more that 50 books on public speaking: 50% or more of the advice is the same.  Dale Carnegie got much of it right 50 years ago in Public Speaking…

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Why you say "ummmm" when you speak and how to fix it

By Berkun | May 19, 2009

One of the most annoying bad habits some people have when they give a presentation is the use of “ummmm” to fill the space between words. Why do people do this? There are four reasons: It’s a habit in normal speech.  People don’t just do it on stage, they do it in real conversations all…

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Should speakers ban twitter at their talks?

By Berkun | April 29, 2009

It’s kind of silly question as I’m not sure a speaker can effectively ban anything in their audience, but someone asked me this the other day. It’s an interesting question if you pile all the technology of laptops, mobile devices and phones, and how that helps or hurts the ability for a speaker to keep…

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How to fix boring lectures and presentations

By Berkun | April 8, 2009

We all know most lectures are boring. They go on too long, most speakers are dull on stage, and sitting in big dark rooms for an hour or more is not going to help anyone stay awake. But if they’re so boring why do we go?  We go because we have little choice. If we…

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