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How to be a good event MC

By Admin Account | April 17, 2019

A special public speaking challenge is to be the emcee (MC), or host, of an event. Unlike giving a talk where you are the star, the primary job of the emcee is to help the whole event function well. It requires a different framework for thinking about what success looks like. Instead of just delivering…

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Q&A from Toughest Public Speaking Situations

By Berkun | December 5, 2017

I did an entire presentation on How To Overcome Tough Presentation Situations, based on Confessions of A Public Speaker. If you’re looking for the raw list of situations and remedies, they’re in the slides below.

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Advice for speakers bored with their own material

By Berkun | February 11, 2013

A basic rule offered in Confessions of a Public Speaker is to pick material you care deeply about, since you can’t blame an audience for being bored if you are. But what I didn’t cover is what to do when you have to present the same material 300 times: how do you stay excited about…

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Philosophy: Everything you need, in 5 minutes

By Berkun | April 14, 2010

I’d always wanted to do a talk about my curious path through the world of philosophy. I’ve studied philosophy my whole life, trying very hard to undo the bad lessons I was taught while getting a degree in the Philosophy Department in college. Thanks to Ignite Seattle I got my chance. So here’s Everything You…

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How to convince anyone of anything

By Berkun | March 10, 2010

[This topic was requested with a slightly different title:  How to make a convincing argument.] The word argument itself makes people think of lawyers or divorce proceedings, which are poor connotations if you’re hoping to charm someone into agreeing with you. It’s worth shifting to the more positive word: convince. The goal is to persuade, to…

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