Welcome to SpeakHQ

If you know anything about my story, you know I’ve been speaking in front of audiences for many years. I wrote the book Confessions of A Public Speaker to teach the lessons I’d learned, largely the hard way through hundreds of presentations, in a way more practical and honest than most books I’d seen.

But in writing that book I realized for many the book wasn’t enough. They enjoyed it but wanted live coaching, which was a surprise: I didn’t expect it but they were right to ask! There’s only so much you can learn about a performance craft like speaking from a book alone. You need an expert to give feedback, advice, suggestions and exercises, something a book can’t do.

At first, I coached friends, then acquaintances, and then put together a full day workshop so I could help more people at the same time (and give them a live audience to practice in front of). But I did little to advertise all this. I didn’t want to promote these services until I had finely crafted them and knew they were exceptional and validated the spirit of the book (honesty, humor and fun are assets to learning).

This is a longwinded way to say: I’m proud to share speakhq.com with you and to have a place to share with you more lessons about public speaking. And I hope to teach a workshop at your organization soon.


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