My next book… details inside

For the last few months I’ve been working on the next book. In fact, since the last book, I started working on at least two different books, each of which fell over, exploded into flames, and disappeared from the universe from their sheer badness, before I worked my way into this one, which I’m happy to report is going well.

What’s it about? The life and times of a public speaker.

For years I’ve been making a living from writing and speaking, and its been quite a life. I’ve taught through lectures, keynotes, university courses, workshops, seminars, architecture tours, campfires, and street corners. I’ve traveled around the world to do these things, and to get heckled in foreign languages, to watch helplessly as laptops crash, microphones die and the front row falls asleep. There are tons of great stories to tell, and those stories make for an excellent and funny way to share what I know about public speaking and teaching people.

Stay tuned for more. I do plan to blog about the book as it comes together. And if all goes well it should be in stores before the year is out.

Sound good? let me know. And if you have a good public speaking story to share, drop me a line.