Thanks for considering our video review service (background here). The way this works is simple: you provide a link to a video and we provide a critique report, with evaluations of your strengths, areas for improvement, notes on the material and delivery of the presentation, and recommendations for how to improve.

Note: this is a new service (thus the BETA) - while we've critiqued talks and videos for over a decade, the automated form and payment system is new and may have some minor issues.

Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email. If you don't, please get in touch and we will sort everything out.

Video Review Submission

Tell us where to find your video and some basic information to refine our feedback. Then we'll get to work and you'll have actionable feedback soon.

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    When it's ready the report will be emailed to you.
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    Many presentations are self-explanatory, but if you tell us your job title, or the background relevant for this talk, it can improve the feedback you'll recieve.
  • Where is your video?

  • Provide the URL to a Dropbox, Youtube, Vimeo or other service where your video is posted. Please DOUBLE check that the video link works properly.
  • What specific feedback, if any, are you looking for?

    SpeakHQ will evaluate your talk on the most important fundamentals and give you a comprehensive report. However if there is specific feedback you desire or questions you have, leave them here.
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