PAINLESS SPEAKER TRAINING for Tech professionals (workshop)


This workshop is based on the classic bestseller and every student gets a signed copy.

The fast and fun one day experience for skill growth and confidence in real world situations.

Attention spans have shortened and workplaces have changed. And the tech world has it's own terse and 'get to the point' style that leaves little room for those unsure of themselves.

Fear not: this fast and practical workshop is for you and your team. It's based on the lessons from the hilarious national bestseller Confessions of a Public Speaker, and you'll be pleasantly surprised: the pace is fast, the lessons are science-based and the exercises are fun.

Your teacher & coach is Scott Berkun, former team lead at Microsoft and, and bestselling author of 7 books. He's among the most experienced coaches in the Seattle area. He gives 20 to 30 keynote presentations annually in the U.S. and around the world, so he practices what he preaches.

The format makes it fun and easy to improve the fundamentals of speaking. You’ll quickly gain confidence through constructive expert critique, fun games and interactive lessons.

  • Learn to manage & minimize speaking fears

    Speaking anxiety can be managed by almost anyone, by understanding the science and good practice habits, both of which you'll learn. 

  • Not cheesy: taught by veteran manager from the tech world

    Speaking training can be impractical, unrelatable and hard to apply in the real world. This battle tested approach to coaching is direct, real and quickly useful to people at any level. 

  • Gain confidence in many speaking situations

    You'll get practice speaking in both large and small groups, revising and improving as you go. And we'll touch on workplace vs. event speaking challenges.

  • Personal critique of your style and habits

    The day begins with short presentations and quick notes on your strengths, weaknesses and where to focus. (To get a customized session, try 1-on-1 coaching  by the hour). 

  • Guided practice in front of a supportive audience of other attendees

    You'll learn Berkun's simple system for evaluating others and yourself, which you can use after the class every time you practice. 

  • Signed copy of the bestseller Confessions of a Public Speaker

    The book is used as a reference in class, but contains hours more of direct, simple and actionable advice on the most common speaking challenges and situations.

  • Entertaining lessons on the most common mistakes and how to avoid them

    Attendees will pick situations of interest to learn tactics for handling hecklers, live Powerpoint failures and answering audience questions on the fly

Photo by  Randy Stewart
Photo by Randy Stewart

The full day consists of

  • Mini lessons on storytelling, voice control, body language, Q&A, and more
  • A morning and afternoon 'performance' slot for you, w/feedback
  • Coaching on managing fears, reading rooms and writing material
  • Mid-day speed rounds of practice and peer feedback
  • Expert critique from Berkun, with custom advice + peer critique

Who should attend?

  • Beginner to intermediate speakers 
  • People who like small highly active workshops (18 people max)
  • Folks who speak often to large groups or want to in the future
  • Those who identify as an introvert, extrovert, or complexivert (your personality is an advantage, not a liability)
  • Anyone who is a fan of Scott Berkun and his honest, direct and entertaining style


“Catherine tested + approved! No silly frameworks or theories, like my last workshop. Totally worth it!” - Catherine Ho, REI

“Solid, rewarding day… Learned with a good group of professionals from all industries… fun and immediately applicable to work and life" -  Veronica Sopher, Microsoft 

Top Rated by Attendees

On the most important metrics for a workshop of this kind, attendees have given the highest marks, both for applicability of what the learned as the quality of the format. 

In two recent private offerings at a Fortune 50 company, the workshop scored a value of 9.5 out of 10 and a Net Promoter Score of 100 out of 100. 

Over 100 participants in the workshop, including the most recent event at Impact Hub, offered these outstanding average ratings: 


Sound good? Bring SpeakHQ into your organization

You can have your entire team trained as a group, in your own office, improving their communication and storytelling skills all at once.

This can be combined with a one-hour keynote style lecture on the core ideas to a much larger group.