Great talk: Life on a Möbius Strip

One reason I rarely get excited about TED talks, although I do enjoy many of them, is I’m drawn towards the personal. For years I’ve been a bigger fan of the MOTH podcast, which is an evening of stories told without notes in from of live audiences. Although these talks are generally well presented, the agenda is different. They’re not as shinny. They have rough edges. They’re human and humble and honest in a way people pitching ideas can’t quite match.

A recent gem of a talk in every way is this one by Janna Levin, theoretical physicist and author of How the Universe Got Its Spots.

The talk moves from astrophysics, to misguided love, and the consequences of taking big risks.

It’s called Life on a Möbius Strip – you can listen to the podcast here like I did, or you can watch it: