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Why you need a public speaking book

By Berkun | December 8, 2009

While on tour in SF this week I ran into some folks who read my earlier books. They were surprised I’d write a book about a topic as boring as public speaking.

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CNN covers Confessions

By Berkun | December 1, 2009

Nice article in CNN & Fortune about the new book. Beat stage fright at work

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Wall Street Journal reviews Confessions

By Berkun | November 24, 2009

Really great, high profile review here – check it out Mr. Berkun’s book is packed with tips on how to reduce anxiety and how to speak in public with greater effectiveness. They range from common sense – arrive early, make sure you have back-up copies of your speech, practice – to more advanced tips on…

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Confessions #1 on amazon.com

By Berkun | October 28, 2009

Thanks to your help in getting the word out, Confessions is currently #2 #1 on amazon.com for books on public speaking – Yay! If you haven’t checked out the sample chapters or teaser video, you’ll find them all on the amazon.com page.

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