Authentic Speaking and Storytelling Workshop

Based on the national bestseller Confessions of a Public Speaker, this fun, fast paced and practice centric workshop will surprise you. Taught by one of the best and most experienced coaches in Seattle, this day makes it fun and easy to improve speaking skills for a variety of common professional situations. You’ll gain confidence through constructive expert critique, fun games and interactive lessons.


  • “Catherine tested + approved! No silly frameworks or theories, like my last workshop. Totally worth it!” – Catherine Ho, REI
  • “Solid, rewarding day… Learned with a good group of professionals from all industries… fun and immediately applicable in work and life. ”  – Veronica Sopher, Microsoft

Ratings from the most recent workshop (18 attendees):

workshop rating 4

The day consists of:

  • Coaching on managing fears, reading rooms and writing material
  • A morning and afternoon performance of your talk
  • Expert critique from Berkun, with custom advice + peer critique
  • Mid-day speed rounds of practice and feedback
  • Mini lessons on storytelling, voice control, body language, Q&A, and more

Who should attend?

  • Beginner to lower intermediate speakers (if you’ve not sure where you fit, just ask)
  • People who like small workshops (20 people max)
  • Anyone who wants expert critique and guided practice with speaking and storytelling
  • Are an introvert, extrovert, or complexivert (your personality is an advantage, not a liability)
  • Anyone who is a fan of Scott Berkun and his honest, direct and entertaining style
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