Commutapult: the great commute of the future

I’m often baffled by which things online are popular, as it has little to do with what’s good. The most popular ignite talk¬†seems to be How to Buy a Used Car, which is a good topic, but the talk itself¬†disappoints. It’s not delivered well enough, nor the content good enough, to be worthy of its popularity.

On the other end of the spectrum is this wonderful talk by Mark Selander on a crazy idea for public transportation: The Commutapult. He’s an illustrator, and his talents shine in the Ignite format, where you have to show a slide every 15 seconds. But so far, few folks have seen it.

Take 5 minutes to watch: you’ll be charmed, entertained, and delighted. Is he serious? Is he not? You figure it out.

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